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This is Life

Inexplicable life is!
17 years old I was at that time.
And I met people that I never thought I would ever do.
Travelled over 5.000 km to get there. All new for me, a third world country boy.
I was in USA.
There was a family waiting for a young guy, which no foreign word was able to speak.
Good life, good time, good leasons.
Nine months of life and love together. And one day It was over.
36 years passed without one single hello since I left them.
Today, thanks a crazy cyber technology, I rescued them to my life again.
Sylvia, Lorraine, Scarlete, Gwen and Douglas though Judy, his lovely wife.
Am talking about Zirkle’s family.
How good it is to have them connected… in my heart again.
But, I swear, I always had them connected in my mind.
They were there and I was here, living different places and different situations.
Now, am happy to have them here again in the room of my life.
I miss Erny… The only one that I had some contact years ago.
Good teacher.
Good emotion.
And I did not give the right attention.
My regret, Dad.
Forgive me, you all, for my silence through years.
But, be sure that I always had you all in my mind and heart.
Now, I pray to God not to let you all be, again, far from me.
Well, this is life and God now knows that our distance might be short.
This is life.

Dennis Vasconcelos
Maringá-PR –01/9/2011

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